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Welcome to Playbug!

A practical and fresh approach to language learning! Our video series dives into English, Spanish, and Portuguese through stories, music, and songs. Join Leo, Bia, and Lulu as Mel, our multilingual guide, leads them through adventures that blend language skills with core values.

Experience the mix of fun, learning, and character development in our dynamic videos. Playbug is the place where education meets excitement in every episode—a world of stories, music, and language exploration!

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Meet Our Characters



An enthusiastic singer who speaks different languages, loves making new friends and teaching them everything she knows through the songs she sings and stories she tells. She also loves to dance and is an excellent cook.

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The brave Spanish-speaking lion is ever-ready to assist his friends and offer support when they need a helping hand. He is bold, occasionally shy, but always swoops in to save the day. He loves to cook with Mel!


A sweet bunny from Brazil who adores learning and exploring, with dreams of traveling the world. Lulu is kind, gentle and friendly. She loves to sing with Mel!



A funny little ladybug who is always by Mel’s side, lovingly learning Spanish and Portuguese to communicate with her new friends. She is smart, clever, and very cute. She loves to dance with Mel!


Playbug Songs

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Enjoy all the songs released so far with each of their karaoke versions so you can sing them at home with your family in all three languages!


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